curriculum vitae: they mostly sound as if a normalized ape is telling his virtuosic jumping life to a fictive crowd in an open market place.

The truth: Ape would love to be able to play piano or violin so as to present his offerings all by himself, and instantly. But instead Ape is fingering around with his impossible fingers on fingerings for Bach or Chopin. To touch the violin causes him eternal pains, so Ape gave it up.

Did Ape tell you anything about Ape's "compositions"? Just the same case: Ape finds a "solution", looks-listens at it, and sees the "solution" vanishing into ethereal spaces. Good to have musicians of the most remarkable kind every now and then, to catch a glimpse of  the "spinning of one's life".

A story from about 2000:

There is something else: Just now we have springtime. Blackbirds are singing, together with some motorcycle, both refreshened from winter's sleep.  Ape is back from a bike tour. Saw the sunset, red sun, mild, no red sky around it, just the sun behind some trees without leaves.  Some dust particles clinging together, causing this big fire. And Ape, some dust particles also - not so many though - enough to cause his kind of fire. Ape was thinking this and more on his bike tour. And suddenly, his little sun/son Simon crosses his path also biking at Tonndorfer Hauptstrasse. Is there someone to explain to Ape this kind of world?